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Advance your AWS cloud initiatives

When it comes to putting complex cloud initiatives into action, the burden of finding hard-to-find talent can be reduced by AWS consulting services. So that you can get the most out of your AWS cloud environment, we provide distinctive service delivery methods and the resources necessary to create robust, scalable, and cloud-native solutions.
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Why you should work with us


You can easily accelerate your progress and achieve faster business outcomes by having access to dedicated talent who are solely focused on your business's success and objectives.


Utilize the expertise of cloud specialists, who have implemented countless successful deployments, as you collaborate with them on a wide range of strategic AWS initiatives.


With Cloud Logix as your partner, build your company’s Strategic Technology Roadmap, and align your infrastructure with your business objectives.

Team Work

With access to Cloud Logix's AWS experts who leverage robust, scalable technologies, Cloud Logix liberates your team to drive faster development.

Our consulting services


As an AWS Security Service Provider, Cloud Logix is able to accurately assess the security of your AWS environment and assist you in putting in place preventative measures to reduce threats and enhance your security posture.
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Modernizing your applications and AWS infrastructure allows you to improve the unwavering quality and cost-productivity of your cloud climate.
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As an AWS Partner, we leverage the full AWS technology stack and best practices to automate outdated processes and enable you to work and advance your applications effectively.
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We’ve refined our operational practices over numerous migrations, so we can help businesses get through the transition without much downtime or interruption.
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Experience the benefits of serverless computing with Cloud Logix on AWS. Achieve unparalleled scalability, performance, and cost optimization while minimizing operational burden. Let us handle your AWS infrastructure, freeing you to focus on business growth.
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Contact us today to learn more about how Cloud Logix can help your business modernize it’s IT infrastructure.
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